Land Rover Defender Price in Sri Lanka

Last Updated On January 23, 2023

Land Rover Defender Price in Sri Lanka

If you enjoy adventure, the Land Rover Defender is the SUV for you. It's not only challenging and durable, but it's also light for its size. This makes it simple to drive on any terrain, no matter how rough. The Land Rover Defender has a surprising amount of space for a tiny SUV. While most competing SUVs can only seat five people at best, the Land Rover Defender can comfortably seat seven passengers with plenty of room to spare. If necessary, you may even remove the back seats entirely for more space.

However, while the Land Rover Defender's 4x4 capabilities allow it to go off-road, you may want to consider a taller vehicle if you intend to drive mainly on pavement or in low-traffic regions. When it comes to cost, most SUVs are pretty comparable. However, many potential purchasers will be put off with the Land Rover Defender costing twice as much as competitors such as the Toyota Rav4. If you're searching for an SUV that will endure forever while still providing comfort for your family, this could be the one. Land Rover production ceased in 2016 and resumed in 2020. The Land Rover Defender is available in three basic models: 90, 110, and 130, based on the length of its wheelbase in inches. The wheelbase of the Land Rover Defender 90 is 93 inches, the wheelbase of the Defender 110 is 100 inches, and the wheelbase of the Defender 130 is 127 inches.

Land Rover Defender Price in Sri Lanka

Land Rover Defender price in Sri Lanka starts at LKR 20,000,000.

Land Rover Defender 2022 price in Sri Lanka LKR 100,000,000
Land Rover Defender 2021 price in Sri Lanka LKR 90,000,000
Land Rover Defender 2020 price in Sri Lanka LKR 80,000,000
Land Rover Defender 2016 price in Sri Lanka LKR 25,000,000
Land Rover Defender 2015 price in Sri Lanka LKR 20,000,000

What is the fuel efficiency of the Land Rover Defender?

Land Rover Defender average fuel efficiency is 6 - 10 kmpl.

Land Rover Defender Colors

Land Rover Defender is available in Pangea Green Metallic, Tasman Blue Metallic, Gondwana Stone Metallic, Santorini Black Metallic, Eiger Grey Metallic, Fuji White, Carpathian Grey, Silicon Silver, Yulong White, and Hakuba Silver colors in Sri Lanka.

Land Rover Defender Review

The Land Rover Defender launched as an off-road SUV in 1948. It was initially designed for farm labor and construction, and just a few hundred were produced. It was the only 4x4 vehicle employed in both World Wars, demonstrating its hardiness in any terrain. The Defender then became a luxury vehicle in 1990, setting the stage for its international success.

With its off-road skills and 67-year run, the Land Rover Defender has become a legendary piece of history. There has been a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm among enthusiasts since Land Rover revealed that they would be bringing back the Defender. Land Rover has relaunched its legendary SUV after a three-year hiatus, delighting fans. The 2020 Defender has a new chassis, technology, design, interiors, and features. From every viewpoint, the SUV appears robust and sturdy.

The Land Rover Defender is made to last, with a body-on-frame design that can withstand anything. You'll never have to concern about safety again, thanks to an indestructible interior and bulletproof glass. The Land Rover Defender also has adequate space for your complete family or group of friends while comfortably seating up to five people. Combine these amenities with the fact that it is available in over 50 different trims and colors, and you have one incredible SUV.


 The 2.0 Litre petrol engine has a maximum power output of 296bhp at 5500rpm and a maximum torque output of 400Nm at 1500-4100rpm. The engine is coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission, distributing power to all four wheels. A set of low gear ratios is also available for off-roading.

The Defender's performance is impressive given its size. The handling of the SUV has been dramatically enhanced for daily use and commuting thanks to the redesigned monocoque chassis. The air suspension makes the ride as comfortable as it can be. The air suspension also aids off-road capability by allowing the SUV's height to be adjusted at a whim.


The interior of the new Land Rover Defender is nothing like the previous one. The interior has been completely redesigned, with soft-touch and luxurious materials. The Land Rover Defender has a lot of space, but it's also stylish. There are 50 trims and colors to select from, allowing you to personalize your vehicle. All trims are available in your choice of interior or exterior color. You can also choose from various hues other than the basic ones! For example, the "Chrysler" trim is navy blue with silver inside accents. The inside of the "Highlands" trim is dark grey with light grey accents on the dashboard.

The Defender is outfitted with a brand-new 10-inch touchscreen entertainment system called "Pivi Pro," which includes navigation, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. There's also a Meridian Sound System with ten speakers and a subwoofer that sounds incredible. Many convenience options are available to the driver, including cruise control, heated steering wheel, ClearSight IRVM, and keyless entry. There's also the option of getting a jump seat in the middle of the front seats and a digital instrument cluster instead of an analog one. The front seats are equipped with a 12-way cooled electric memory function. The front center console includes a refrigerator, allowing passengers to chill their beverages on long highway rides. 

The heads-up display provides critical information to the driver without requiring him to take his eyes off the road. There is also an application introduced that allows you to unlock/lock the vehicle, alter the climate, check the vehicle's status, and so on. You also don't have to be concerned about your comfort! Because of its large interior, the Land Rover Defender can easily seat up to five passengers. It has more legroom than some large sedans and luxury leather seats for passengers, not just drivers.


Defender exteriors have a flat single-bar grille flanked by LED headlamps. The rectangular headlamps are made up of round Daylight running lights. Land Rover has intelligently crafted the proportions of the SUV to improve off-roading capability. The Defender's high ground clearance, short overhangs, and front and rear elevations have been engineered to allow it to tackle any terrain. 

At the back, we can see that the new design pays homage to the classic Defender with a side-opening tailgate on which the full-size spare wheel is attached, making it more useful for off-roading. As an option, the wheel arches can be filled with up to 20-inch alloy wheels. There are also 18-inch white steel wheels available for extreme off-roading. The roof is also changeable, with three options: a folding fabric roof, a sliding panoramic roof, and a fixed metal roof. The new Defender borrows specific design cues from the previous Defender. It is similar to the symbol, with blacked-out pillars and a back windscreen.


Disc brakes in the front and rear perform braking responsibilities. The Land Rover has a variety of safety measures to offer. The Defender consists of six airbags, a Driver Condition Monitor, a 3D Surround Camera, and a 360° Parking Aid. There are optional features like a rear pre-collision monitor and blind-spot assist. Wade Sensing, which employs ultrasonic sensors to deliver real-time visual information about when the water is about to surpass the 900mm maximum water wading depth, is also available.


For decades, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts have favored the Land Rover Defender. If you need an all-terrain vehicle that can tackle everything, the Land Rover Defender is the car for you.