Toyota Allion Price in Sri Lanka

Last Updated On February 02, 2023

Toyota Allion Price in Sri Lanka

Toyota Allion was introduced in December 2001 as a successor for the Toyota Carina. It was a sad moment for Toyota fans from the past when Toyota Carina was dropped from its automobile lineup; however, Allion was released without inheriting the name of Carina since Toyota aimed to offer Allion as a sophisticated medium sedan that leads the 21st century. In terms of design, Allion sports a striking appearance reminiscent of contemporary Toyota aggressive designs. Indeed, Toyota demonstrated how skilled they are at manufacturing automobiles by introducing Allion, built with the keyword "Upscaled and opulent" in mind.

The manufacture of the first generation Toyota Allion, T240, began in 2001 and lasted until 2007. While the Toyota Allion T260 was first launched in 2007, Toyota has continued to give aesthetic upgrades at local dealerships. Because of its athletic look and muscular Toyota Allion features, the Toyota Allion receives more favourable evaluations from young purchasers.

Toyota Allion T240 Price in Sri Lanka

Toyota Allion T240 Price in Sri Lanka (2001 - 2006) starts at LKR 5,000,000.

Toyota Allion 2006 price in Sri Lanka LKR 6,500,000
Toyota Allion 2005 price in Sri Lanka LKR 6,000,000
Toyota Allion 2004 price in Sri Lanka LKR 5,600,000
Toyota Allion 2003 price in Sri Lanka LKR 5,300,000
Toyota Allion 2002 price in Sri Lanka LKR 5,000,000

Toyota Allion T260 Price in Sri Lanka

Toyota Allion T260 Price in Sri Lanka (2007 - 2022) starts at LKR 7,000,000

Toyota Allion 2022 price in Sri Lanka LKR 20,000,000
Toyota Allion 2021 price in Sri Lanka LKR 18,000,000
Toyota Allion 2020 price in Sri Lanka LKR 17,000,000
Toyota Allion 2019 price in Sri Lanka LKR 16,000,000
Toyota Allion 2018 price in Sri Lanka LKR 16,000,000
Toyota Allion 2017 price in Sri Lanka LKR 14,000,000
Toyota Allion 2016 price in Sri Lanka LKR 13,000,000
Toyota Allion 2015 price in Sri Lanka LKR 12,000,000
Toyota Allion 2014 price in Sri Lanka LKR 11,000,000
Toyota Allion 2013 price in Sri Lanka LKR 10,000,000
Toyota Allion 2012 price in Sri Lanka LKR 9,500,000
Toyota Allion 2011 price in Sri Lanka LKR 9,000,000
Toyota Allion 2010 price in Sri Lanka LKR 8,500,000
Toyota Allion 2009 price in Sri Lanka LKR 8,000,000
Toyota Allion 208 price in Sri Lanka LKR 7,500,000
Toyota Allion 2007 price in Sri Lanka LKR 7,000,000

What is the fuel efficiency of the Toyota Allion?

Toyota Allion average fuel efficiency is 10 - 14 kmpl.

Toyota Allion Colors

Toyota Allion is available in Black, White, Silver, Gray, Dark Blue, and Maroon colors in Sri Lanka.

Toyota Allion Specifications

  • Engine – 1500CC
  • Transmission – CVT automatic
  • Top Speed – 200 kmph
  • ABS/ EBD – YES
  • Airbags – YES
  • Parking Sensors/ Camera – YES
  • Fuel tank capacity – 60L Petrol


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Toyota Allion Review

Toyota vehicles are well-known for their high quality. People who wish to drive safely and comfortably often choose their autos. This vehicle is well worth the investment with superb features, a comfy cabin, and an enjoyable driving experience. The Allion car is one of the most luxurious vehicles available in the Sri Lankan car market. It has numerous qualities that set it apart from its competitors. The car features outstanding features like a touchscreen dashboard, comfort seats, and built-in GPS. It also includes smart technologies such as lane departure warning systems and parking sensors to assure your safety on the road.


The Toyota Allion has a four-door sedan body style with a front-engine, front-wheel-drive system and an optional front-engine, four-wheel-drive feature. Engineers created this vehicle with an aesthetic approach in mind, resulting in Toyota's best-looking sedan to date. Toyota Allion's fuel consumption function is just fantastic for providing a better driving experience and a smooth lengthy journey. The vehicle is equipped with engines rated at 1.5 L, 1.8 L, and 2.0 L and a 4-speed automatic transmission. On the other hand, the second generation series features an upgraded automatic CVT transmission. The Allion a15's engine produces 109 horsepower at 6000 revolutions per minute.


The seats are designed to be comfortable, and the dashboard is visually appealing. The driver's seat is electronically adjustable for a pleasant ride, with the settings tailored to the driver before they get behind the wheel. The legroom on the Allion is adequate, with enough space in front for even tall drivers. It can easily transport three adults over long distances with three seats in the back. The dashboard has wood trim, leather panels, and smooth plastic panels; this combination of materials gives the car a really sophisticated sense. The entertainment unit is nicely positioned in the center console - all within easy reach while seated.

Back seats are not only comfy but also large, allowing you to fit three fully grown persons comfortably without any discomfort or cramping during your journey- ideal for long-distance travel! The 1.5L engine makes it affordable to drive around town or on long-distance trips, and it also has plenty of trunk storage space, which is ideal for hauling luggage and traveling over the holidays. It also has a built-in GPS for added convenience while driving. No matter where your day takes you, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with driving this great vehicle.


The exterior of the Toyota Allion offers a sporty appearance with a hint of sophistication and classiness. During testing, the car may have lacked visual and physical aesthetics, but it still has some spell that mysteriously leaves the viewer breathless. Aside from the sleek metallic body, the Toyota Allion's side mirror is a famous sign with a sweet touch of modernism. The winker-styled mirrors have a bolted in-touch sensation to them. The bodywork of the Toyota Allion can also be altered with rear-mounted trunk wings and front spoilers. Toyota incorporated minimal restyling in 2004 by introducing LED taillights in Allion vehicles.


Toyota vehicles are well-known for their safety, and this vehicle is no different. It has many safety measures that will keep you safe on the road. The Toyota Allion has driver and passenger airbags, ABS, and lane departure warning systems, which will alert you if you are drifting out of your lane or if the car in front of you brakes unexpectedly. It also includes parking sensors to help prevent fender benders while parked. Toyota understands what it's doing when it comes to safety. They've been making automobiles for nearly a century, so they know how to make a safe vehicle. With all of these safety measures, the Toyota Allion is unquestionably one of the safest automobiles on the market today.


Toyota's latest addition to its luxury automobile lineup is the Allion. The Allion is a stylish sedan with many features. The interior is equipped with plenty of legroom and is both large and valuable. Allion's safety features are among the best in the Sri Lanka market. The Allion is ideal for people who want to drive in luxury while keeping safety in mind.

Toyota Lanka (Pvt) Company is the authorized Toyota dealership in Sri Lanka, but the company does not import Toyota Allion Models. On the other hand, Toyota Allion models are available from third-party motor vehicle importers and dealers throughout Sri Lanka.